Study Units

Why and how do people create music?

Why do people create or invent things?

How are people influenced in their work and play? 

How do people stay connected and informed? 

How do people use their creativity through music?

How do people adapt to challenges?

How has Paul’s work and life impacted music and technology? 

What people or trends offer innovation in music and technology now and for the future?

Wisconsin's Pioneer of


“Dealing with Challenges” (Article)

Activity Page

“Inventor, Gold Record Performer“

Top 10 things kids need to know
Inventions and Innovations
Labeled Guitars
“What did you say? Protecting our hearing?” 

Les Paul: A Living Timeline

Index of Terms for book “Guitar Wizard”

Guitar Genius Common Core Aligned Teacher Guide

Active Discussion in Perseverance 
(Activity) by First Stage

How a mother changed the world through her son
Subject Based Activities

Library Resource Page 

Les Paul Timeline

Word Hunt

Word Hunt Key

Timeline Activities

Inventions Poster


Les Paul
(7 Minute intro to the man)

Les Paul: The Search for the New Sound Activities Page

Les Paul – Musician, Inventor, and Sound Pioneer (Prezi)

Reading of Guitar Genius by Rowan University professor
Listen Smart, Safely Handing the Power of Sound
Les Paul:
Inventor and Performer