lesson 7

Les Paul Musician, Inventor, Sound Pioneer: Influence on Today's Music

essential question

Why do you think Les Paul’s work and life has had an impact on music and technology?

Standards Used for the Study Unit

  • I can explore and demonstrate an understanding of the elements of music by reading, singing and/or playing an instrument. (MG2.P.6.i)
  • Utilize appropriate music terminology in the evaluation /reflection of music performances. ( MG3.R.7.i)

Classroom Lesson Activities / Resources

Student Workbook


Article: Les Paul: Inventor and Performer


Vocabulary from Quizlet

Let's Create

Multi-Track Recording Activity Materials

Script for video
How High the Moon Score
Part 3
Part 2
Class Part

Video and Music Clips

Lover by Les Paul
How High the Moon by Les Paul & Mary Ford
TikiToki Les Paul: A Music Legend – timeline


Les Paul – Musician, Inventor, and Sound Pioneer

Les Paul: The Search for the New Sound Activities Page

Les Paul: The Search for the New Sound from Wisconsin Biographies

Prezi Presentations

There are three Prezi presentations for use depending on the reading level of students. These are outlined below.