Study Units

Click on the “Essential Question” lesson number that you wish to explore. Each lesson investigates the life and achievements of Les Paul through the “Essential Question” posed. Materials are focused on 4th-5th grade level instruction, but may be adapted for other grade level instruction. Lessons may be done independently of each other, with choices of facilitating one or all of the eight lessons available for study. Teacher scripts are available within each lesson. Additional links for articles, materials, and videos are embedded within each lesson page. For an online copy of the Les Paul Study Units – Student Workbook, click here. You may use this workbook in sections, printing only those pages of your choice, or in full for students to use. 

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Roots and Beginnings

Lesson 1– Essential Question: Why and how do people create music? 

Lesson 2– Essential Question: Why do people create or invent things?

On the Road

Lesson 3– Essential Question: How are people influenced in their work and play? 

Lesson 4– Essential Question: How do people stay connected and informed? 

Les and Mary

Lesson 5– Essential Question: How do people use their creativity through music? 

Lesson 6– Essential Question: How do people adapt to challenges?

Influence on Today’s Music

Lesson 7– Essential Question: How has Paul’s work and life impacted music and technology? 

Lesson 8– What people or trends offer innovation in music and technology now and for the future?