lesson 2

Les Paul Musician, Inventor, Sound Pioneer: Roots and Beginnings

essential question

Why do people create or invent things?

Standards Used for the Study Unit

  • Wisconsin Standards For Music Brochure PDF
  • I can explore and demonstrate an understanding of the elements of music by reading, singing and/or playing an instrument. (MG2.P.6.i)
  • I can examine and evaluate musical connections, similarities, and differences. (MG4.Cn.7.i)

Classroom Lesson Activities / Resources


Student Workbook


Article: Les Paul’s Inventions and Teen Inventor


Vocabulary from Quizlet

Over Yonder, Over There vocal and guitar parts

Video and Music Clips

Over Yonder, Over There by Pie Plant Pete and Bashful Harmonica Joe (3 minute video)
RBH Builds a Rail Guitar
(1 minute)


Les Paul – Musician, Inventor, and Sound Pioneer

Les Paul: The Search for the New Sound Activities Page

Les Paul: The Search for the New Sound from Wisconsin Biographies

Prezi Presentations

There are three Prezi presentations for use depending on the reading level of students. These are outlined below.