“The resources available to my team and our students through the Les Paul Foundation Education pages are a valuable and integral part of our success. Even individuals unfamiliar with Les’ work can quickly get caught up, and more importantly, these materials capture and convey the essence of Les’ spirit of fearless exploration!”

V.J. Manzo

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Associate Professor of Music Technology / Director of the Electric Guitar Innovation Lab

“The Les Paul Educational Resources are readily accessible and packed with a ton of info that can be easily streamlined to students who are very young, all the way to College/Career-Ready learners. I recommend Institutions and Teachers of all grade levels to implement these resources in their 21st Century curricula!”

Nate Ingram

Collingswood High School 

Creator and Teacher of the Digital Production Audio Engineering Program

“The Les Paul Foundation offers educators an incredible resource library for students of all ages. From videos to downloadable activities, they introduce Les Paul’s myriad accomplishments, encourage interdisciplinary learning, and challenge students to consider how their own innovations might change the world.”

Bonnie Byrd

Waukesha County Historical Society & Museum

Executive Director

“Whether you’re teaching a lesson about the history of music or prepping for an upcoming Les Paul’s House of Sound field trip, I highly recommend checking out the educational offerings provided by the Les Paul Foundation. Online resources like these are extremely valuable and help make learning more accessible for everyone.”

Bryan Wunar



“Les Paul’s musical genius and inventions are legendary. The Les Paul Foundation’s Study Units provide incredible resources for music teachers and students to analyze Les Paul’s historical impact and his beginnings. The web sources are fantastic!”

Lisala Beatty

Music and the Brain


“Our students are most interested in the history that starts with Les Paul and his inventions. The Les Paul Foundation website is packed full of excellent tools to start this conversation”

Scott Neumann

Free Guitars for Future Stars

Executive Director