Waukesha – Les Paul Middle School Principal Rob Bennett wants to be sure that students and all who enters the school know about the school’s namesake. A banner donated by the Les Paul Foundation will do just that. Prior to production, teachers and students reviewed and are excited about the banner design.

The banner offers students a glimpse of Les Paul when he attended what was Waukesha Junior High and Waukesha High School. The original buildings were connected years ago to form the current middle school. 

During the time Les attended the schools, he created his first invention, the flip-able harmonica holder and began to experiment with the concept of creating a solid body electric guitar. Les also built a lathe to record his radio performances.

Michael Braunstein, Executive Director of the Les Paul Foundation shared, “We hope that students will be inspired to pursue their ideas and build their dreams when they see what Les Paul did when he was their age and going to their school.”

The Les Paul Foundation has provided funding for several projects at the school including the creation of the Les Paul Garage that is a maker space for students.






The Les Paul Foundation inspires innovative and creative thinking by sharing the legacy of Les Paul through support of music education, recording, innovation and medical research related to hearing. The Les Paul Foundation is an approved IRC 501(c) 3 organization that awards grants to music, music engineering, and sound programs that serve youths. It provides grants for medical research and programs relating to hearing impairment. The Les Paul Foundation also supports public exhibits displaying Les Paul’s life achievements.  Learn more at https://www.les-paul.com.