On his official Instagram account, the guitar legend Steve Vai has posted a photo with Les Paul who is the creator of the iconic guitar brand that carrying his own name. In the caption area, Steve told the story of his live performance with Paul and paid his respect to him.

Steve also mentioned the personal relationship with Paul and give some details about what kind of person he was. Read what he wrote:

“Hey Folks, I’ve had the honor of performing with the great Les Paul on several occasions. He was always spot on, very much alive, and with it, even at 90!

The first time I performed with him, I asked him to sign Evo and he was kind enough to do it. But I made the mistake of not putting any kind of protection over his signature, and it faded out.

Steve Vail & Les Paul

But I got him to sign Evo again the next time I played with him, and again he was kind enough to oblige. This time I covered the signature with some kind of seal, but through the years, it faded again.”

The guitar champion continued:

“So I may own the only guitar that Les Paul signed twice, that doesn’t have his signature on it anymore.

But he sure had a great sense of humor, and would tell us these funny stories about his youth and career as we all gathered around him as if the Pope was giving mass.”

Check out the Instagram post below and read the original story here.